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Flooring & Grout


Seeing that most problems associated with a facility starts at the floor and work their way up, DMC takes a strong stand on floor maintenance. DMC is at the top of the industry in this category, offering a large array of products and services to meet your needs.

We are one of only a select few contractors in the Northeast Region providing the newest of technologies in the flooring business, to include Marcoat Thermal Epoxy grout and ProtectAll Flooring.

ProtectAll Flooring

DMC Facility Services is proud to add ProtectAll Flooring repairs and maintenance to our list of services. ProtectAll Commercial Flooring is manufactured from 100% pre-consumer recycled content that provides slip, stain and fire protection for areas exposed to water, heavy-traffic patterns and extreme weight loads.

With regular training programs, ProtectAll has become a part of DMC's commitment to deliver the latest products and technologies directly to your facility.


Re-Grout and Tile Maintenance

These services are designed to alleviate the high cost of re-grouting & tile repair and to maintain the following areas of the your facility: Kitchen / Bar / Lobby / Restrooms

• Tailored scope of work for monthly or quarterly services
• Prior contact will be made to address areas of concern for the next visit
• Protection will be set up in all work areas & grout will be removed mechanically
All work will be performed after hours

The Marcoat Advantage

• The application process and patented product consistency allow the grout itself to fill all voids in the grout line and provide a complete bond with the tile and thinset, eliminating seepage of water and grease. The “float” application associated with normal sanded epoxy grouts leaves a void between the tile and grout itself, allowing grease and water to penetrate the grout and damage the tile

• Due to wash procedures and grease build up, normal sanded epoxy grouts will only end up lasting about one to two years, depending on location in the kitchen. Marcoat Thermal Epoxy grout is guaranteed to last for two years on the Cook’s Line and five years everywhere else in the kitchen.

• Walk-on cure for Marcoat Thermal Epoxy grout is as minimal as three hours. This eliminates the hassle of having to work on top of temporary protection, associated with normal sanded epoxy grouts, during the work day. Marcoat Thermal Epoxy grout can be walked on by the opening manager and cleaned by the afternoon cleaning crew.